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Here are a few common questions we get asked....

...but if you still have questions...

...feel free to contact us for more details.

  • What's the difference between digital and traditional marketing?
    Digital marketing is the promotion of a business through digital channels such as a website, search engine optimization, social media, email, or online paid advertising. Traditional marketing, on the other hand, refers to any form of marketing that takes place offline, such as print advertisements, television commercials, or radio ads.

  • What does WNDRLND stand for?
    We named the company after the whimsical and mysterious Lewis Carroll book series, "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. We're a creative agency that believes in the impossible, applying a meticulous and strategic way of thinking that leans on thinking outside of the box. The company's name is missing vowels to further drive the point home of how strong the human mind is in the realm of creativity; that even without the full spelling of the word, most can still see the text for what it is intended to be..."WONDERLAND".

  • Can I request services not listed online?
    Absolutely! We're growing and expanding every day. If there is a service you're interested in such as animation, voiceover, or automation, let us know and we're more than happy to make adjustments to include our 3rd party partners to help accomplish your goals. 


  • Am I able to purchase an individual service a la carte?
    We only offer Public Relations and Web Design as a la Carte services, though we encourage guests to leverage our pricing plans to get more bang for your buck. We believe in being cost-effective, but if you're dead set on PR or web design services ONLY, then we're happy to make pricing adjustments to accomodate. 


  • Why don't you include Public Relations and Web Design in your lower-tiered packages?
    These services in particular require a dedicated team to build, manage and execute. They're almost like individual campaigns on their own. Because the services require a larger amount of focus and advanced professionalism, we charge these services as an add-on when paired with a lower-tiered plans. In our higher tier, the cost to pay our full-time PR specialists and web designer is baked right into the overall price.


  • What's your refund policy?
    Unfortunately we do not provide a refund on marketing services. Should you feel as though our team did not live us to the outlined agreement or that services were not up to industry standard, please contact us immediately so that our team may find a solution that benefits both parties. While we may not offer a refund, we can offer to compensate with complimentary services. 


  • Why are the contracts quarterly and semi-annually instead of monthly?
    Many people expect to see results within 24hrs of hiring a marketing firm. Our contracts are set anywhere from 3-6 months to allow our team time to set up, ramp up and learn the lay of the marketing landscape where your company resides. Marketing is a process that needs at least a min of 3 months to yield viable results. For our larger contracts, we are locked in for 6 months due to the nature of the engagement typically being for a larger project that spans over the course of multiple months. Our team is dedicated to seeing our work through to the end.


  • Do you offer a discount or incentive for paying in advance?
    Yep! We typically bill monthly, but we offer 5% off your total bill when you pay quarterly or semi-annually. 


  • Do you offer a discount or incentive for referring a friend/colleague?
    Yep! Tell your friends, colleagues and network about us and receive a 5% discount on 1 month when they book a call. Receive 50% off an entire month when your referral signs up with us. Your referral also receives 5% off their first month when they mention your name at sign up.


  • How does the "Marketing Creative Assistance" package work?
    You're able to pick from any of our services, excluding PR and web design. Receive unlimited work from our team for that service. When you're ready or after the project has finished, get more work within the realm of that specific service or change services. (I.E - we can work on copy writing blogs for a week, then switch over to video editing for the next week, and change over to social media marketing the following week. The rule of thumb is that we'll only be providing unlimited work in one designated area at a time. You may upgrade at any time and pay a pro-rated difference. 


  • How does the "Full-Service Marketing" package work? 
    Essentially, you can pick multiple services, excluding PR and web design, to be completed at the same time. We designate a marketing coordinator to help track your tasks and marketing strategist to help create a road map for the roll out of an upcoming project or just a handful of your one-off tasks. 


  • How does the "Full-Service Marketing w/ PR and Web Desgin" package work?
    This package works exactly like the "Full-Service Marketing" package, except you're able to leverage our PR specialists and Web designers. This service includes services to make as many landing pages as you need, but only one full company-branded website design. We do not handle web development, but we're able to work with our 3rd party friends to help liaison the entire deployment of your new site. 


  • How does your agency handle contract terminations?
    We do not allow terminations in the middle of a marketing contract. Should our client want to part ways, they will need to inform us a minimum of 14 business days before the next payment is due. If the client has payed in full to the end of the contract, we will allow said company to terminate their contract immediately is preferred, but there will be no refund of costs paid in advance.

  • What happens if I want to terminate my contract before it's over?
    We hate to take legal action, but will unfortunately have to do so should a client choose to terminate their contract before the end date and 
    withhold payments owed to WNDRLND Marketing. Our team is committed to making the process as painless as possible and are willing to work with all of our clients on a payment plan that is broken up into smaller payments. Should the client refuse, we will inevitably have to send the unpaid amount to collections. 

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